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Ensuring that our young people have access to the best food possible is important. A balanced and varied diet promotes good health and wellbeing, both during childhood and into adulthood, and is the cornerstone of Sodexo’s social value strategy. However, simply making high quality food available to young people does not ensure that it will be consumed.

We need to support them to make informed food and drink choices. An excellent place to do this is in a school’s dining facility and in the classroom, where key messages about nutrition and healthy eating can be emphasised to encourage better habits and lifelong skills.

In recognition of the importance of educating young people, Independents by Sodexo has formed the Healthy Futures Partnership and is working with the British Nutrition Foundation, a leading UK nutrition charity. The partnership has developed the Powering Performance programme to focus on furnishing our chefs with healthier recipe guidelines and nutrition guardrails when creating dishes, providing bespoke nutrition training to our employees and offering school-based engagement activities.

“We have been delighted to work in partnership with Independents by Sodexo to update Powering Performance. The updated pillars, nutrition guardrails and training collectively empower chefs to provide healthy, tasty food that has student appeal, while also being reassured that what they offer meets the nutritional needs of young people growing up, studying and being active. School years are such an important time for growth and development, so it is vital that students receive a healthy, varied diet that aids concentration during the school day and performance in sports and activities. Powering Performance supports this important ambition.”

- Sara Stanner - Science Director, British Nutrition Foundation

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