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Development Chef

I trained as a chef at Westminster College and started out in the restaurant industry. I progressed to contract catering and joined Sodexo from a smaller competitor as head chef at Hampton Court Palace.

On starting my new role with Independents by Sodexo, I was surprised to learn there’s a lot more being accomplished across the sites than just school dinners.  Fresh food from scratch, high quality, seasonal and impressively presented, coupled with bespoke hospitality and event catering, is an attractive package. It offers an opportunity to input my knowledge and experience as well as learn new skills in the process.

I am also excited to learn that Independents by Sodexo offers craft training schemes of the very best, like the training at École Lenôtre in Paris. Chefs also get the chance to enter competitions like Salon Culinaire and Sodexo Chef of the Year, all of which reflect the talent and level of the chefs within Independents by Sodexo.

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