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Executive Head Chef

I find my role as an executive head chef for Independents by Sodexo both challenging and rewarding. We produce high quality food from scratch and are encouraged to bring our own experience and creative flair as chefs to everything we do  - from core pupil feeding to fine dining dinners and bespoke event catering.

Sodexo also offers a huge amount of the highest quality craft training: for instance this summer I was given the opportunity to study the latest dining out trends on a tour of several chic London restaurants and earlier in the year I joined a chocolate dessert masterclass given by a celebrated member of the French Chocolate Academy.

Sodexo also runs prestigious competitions such as Salon Culinaire at Ascot and Sodexo Chef of the Year, all of which were a huge surprise to me coming from the restaurant industry. They are a shining example of why more quality chefs are making the move to independent schools catering.