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Matt Dawson, Sodexo Health and Wellbeing Ambassador


Healthwise is Sodexo’s nutrition, wellbeing and lifestyle philosophy. It frames our complete approach to encouraging and maintaining a healthier balanced lifestyle.

Our menu planning progressively and unobtrusively educates the consumer towards a healthier, more nutritional option whilst maintaining an acceptable level of choice.

Sodexo’s ambassador for health and wellbeing, Matt Dawson, actively promotes the philosophy and has worked with our chefs on a recipe range, ‘Be part of it’.

All recipes promote and use ingredients based on Healthwise principles that aim to reduce the levels of fat, salt and sugar.

Some examples of this include using herbs and spices instead of salt to infuse food with flavour, replacing butter and vegetable oil with olive or rapeseed oil as a healthier alternative, and adding more fresh fruit to desserts to help achieve the government’s recommended ‘5 a day’.




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